The AXA Wealth International Award Charity, Cultural & Social Enterprise

Entry Guidelines This award category is open to businesses, public sector, non profit, heritage or charitable organisations and will be won by an organisation that can demonstrate a valuable contribution or service to the local community. It might be in the area of fund raising, addressing a social need for a particular group or area of our community, or making a tangible contribution to the Island’s culture or heritage. Please state why your organisation should win this award, following the format below. You may add relevant exhibits if you wish. Please give examples and factual support wherever possible.

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 1 What do you do?

This section is for you to explain the nature, scale and complexity of what you do or have done. For example, to help the judges to understand, you may consider the following: l What you have done and what demand/need it fulfils. l What are your values and objectives? l Who are your internal and external stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers, government, and fund providers and/or charities), and how did you get their commitment and engagement to your strategy and objectives? l What is unique about what you do and how is it different to other organisations? l What impact does your contribution have on the local community?

2 What did you achieve?

This section is for you to explain the outcomes of what you have done. For example you may consider the following: l What are the quantifiable benefits of your actions and culture to your internal and external stakeholders and/or to the local community and national heritage? l What relevant benchmarks can you provide that shows what you have achieved is excellent compared to competitors or other comparable organisations? l What testimonies from others (e.g. compliments from customers, third parties) or awards demonstrate the impact of your achievement? l How sustainable is your contribution? How sustainable are the resultant benefits to the local community and/or the Island? l How well do you work in partnership with others?

3 How did you achieve it?

This section is for you to explain how your values and practices are excellent and underpin your achievements. The judges are particularly interested in how you live the Freedom to Flourish values: l Resilience: what personal, organisational, external or other obstacles and setbacks has your organisation had to overcome? How did you do so? How do you sustain high performance? l Resourcefulness: how do you maximise efficiency both operationally and financially and achieve best use of resources both internally and externally across your key stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders) and the Island community to achieve something different, special and better than others? l Independent thinking: what is original, clever and special about what you do? How do you find, utilise and/or create best practices? l Community loyalty: how do you develop all individuals, teams, your overall organisation plus related organisations so that each can achieve their full potential? How do you work with other relevant organisations in the local community to achieve a better outcome while also helping them? What do you do to share your success/ knowledge with others in the local community to aid them? How do you promote what you have achieved both in the community and internationally in order to raise the awareness and image of the Isle of Man?


I confirm that the information given in this application is correct, to the best of my knowledge. l I accept that the judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. l I note that all entries must be received at the offices of the Isle of Man Newspapers, Publishing House, Peel Road, Douglas, IM1 5PZ, by Friday 23rd September 2016. Envelopes to be clearly marked ‘AWARDS’. (Please attach application to this form)

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Judging Process

The judging process comprises a spread of business, public sector, professional and non-profit people, and includes individuals with specific expertise in strategy, marketing, HR, IT, finance, operations and community involvement. All judging data or details will be confidential to judges, unless permission to disclose them (e.g. for a newspaper feature) is obtained from the entrant. Sponsors may enter awards, although the fact of sponsorship will confer no advantage. Organisations linked to judges may also enter, but judges are expected to state an interest, and would be excluded from judging any categories so affected. Note The number and breadth of the award categories are designed to reflect the diversity and contribution within our Island and economy. We welcome entries in more than one category and will ensure each entry is considered in the judging process. If you qualify as a finalist in more than one category only your best entry as considered by the judges will be put forward. This applies to the 13 business/ organisation categories. In addition, candidates may also be shortlisted in any of the 3 individual awards. If any guidance is required to help you complete an application form please contact Trudi Williamson, Isle of Man Newspapers at