Awards are great for our business

Adventurous Experiences has twice been a finalist for the award for Corporate Social Responsibility at Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence. Owner Keirron Tastagh has told us why he entered his company and what he gained from it.

The award for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Awards for Excellence has traditionally been the preserve of the larger corporates with big budgets to spend on community and charity projects. In 2014, however, a much smaller company – Adventurous Experiences – entered and became a finalist. Last year, the company repeated the achievement.

Adventurous Experiences was set up to provide exactly what the name suggests – a range of activities to take you slightly out of your comfort zone and give you an experience you will never forget. These include sea kayaking, coasteering and gorge scrambling.

The company is also focussed on youth development with a number of programmes for youngsters of all ages and this was Keirron’s reason for entering the Awards for Excellence.

He said: ‘We wanted to highlight one of our long-term development programmes, our Youth Scholarship - Development and Leadership Programme, which we entirely funded and delivered ourselves.

‘The programme actually initiated in 2003, prior to the company being established in 2004, and it’s much more than a community project – it’s a real commitment to the Isle of Man.’ He added: ‘The recognition as a finalist in 2014 in this most sought after category – Corporate Social Responsibility – assisted us in partnering with Conister Bank for our current intake of students. We have recently returned from a three-week overseas expedition in Vancouver Island, sea kayaking and mountain walking, following 18 months of training with Adventurous Experiences. Conister really understood what the programme stood for, and what it was achieving.

‘We were a finalist again last year, a terrific accolade for the commitment by our team to coaching people, changing perspectives. The night makes you feel very special.

‘It’s recognition of how a small business can really make a positive long-term change to the island, embracing real risk management education.

’ Keirron added that ‘entering the Awards is a risk itself in many ways’, but said: ‘The feeling of accomplishment the whole team get from the Awards is a greater benefit, far outweighing the butterflies you get on the evening itself!

‘I feel that it’s certainly worth while taking the time to enter the Awards. When you’re filling in the entry form, the very act of setting your actions down on paper help focus what you’re doing, and why you do it

.’ What impressed the judges: ‘Proving that small companies can also make a positive impact on the community, Adventurous Experiences’ Youth Scholarship Development and Leadership Programme gives young students from the Isle of Man the opportunity to be part of a team embarking on a once in a lifetime shared experience.’

Why not make this the year YOU enter Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence? There are 16 award categories, including Corporate Social Responsibility, for companies of all sizes, individuals, public sector teams and charitable and community organisations. You will find full details of all the categories and entry forms to download at

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