The Claremont Hotel is sponsoring the award for Innovation & Independent Thinking at this year’s Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence. 

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

The Claremont Hotel is sponsoring the award for Innovation & Independent Thinking at this year’s Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence. 

As the leading hotel on the Isle of Man, the Claremont is well versed in innovative design, and pushing the envelope on what being a forward-thinking company means in the modern business world. The Claremont alone maintains the coveted 4-Star Gold Award and its creative strategies and drive create a hotel experience that would sit comfortably alongside the vanguards of global hospitality. 

It seems only fitting, therefore, that the Claremont is this year’s sponsor of the award for Innovation and Independent Thinking. The award celebrates the effective application of both original and creative thought, an ethos at the heart of the Claremont’s success. 

The Claremont itself has been a recipient of recent awards, having scooped the prizes for both Customer Service and Company of the Year, as such they are looking forward to handing the metaphorical torch to the next wave of creative thinkers. 

Mark Wilson, managing director of Sleepwell Hotels, said: ‘The Claremont is looking forward to presenting this specific award as, just as the Isle of Man sets the standard globally for the eGaming sector and is world leader in telecommunications, so the Claremont aims to replicate this within the local hospitality industry.

This year has seen the Claremont push innovation even further.

In May, they became the first company within the hospitality sector to move all staff to at least the minimum living wage, a decision based on Tynwald’s recent recommendations. The Claremont knows that the reputation and success of a company is largely due to its staff, and Mark says: ‘Not only is this increase a reward for our current staff, the new minimum pay rate is one we can use as a base for trainees and junior staff and reflects our desire to recruit and develop the very best people in the industry.’

As part of the Claremont’s on-going development, 2018 also saw the design completion in a number of new executive business suites, part of an ongoing multi-million-pound renovation. With contemporary interiors, separate lounge areas, Smart TV’s, luxury wet rooms and an integrated multimedia workspace, our next phase of rooms redefine the standards of comfort and luxury available for Isle of Man business travellers.

Mark goes on: ‘We are very proud to be involved in the Awards for Excellence.

‘As a sponsor, we are also delighted to be able to celebrate and recognise the innovators and forward-thinkers that make the Isle of Man such an exciting place to be.’

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