Workplace wellbeing award is important

Leila Ashton, head of human resources at Microgaming at last year's Awards.

Leila Ashton, head of human resources at Microgaming at last year's Awards.

Last  year saw the introduction of a new award at Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence, Workplace Wellbeing.

It proved a popular category with a number of businesses wanting to demonstrate their achievements in providing the sort of working environment that supported the wellbeing of their staff.

The clear winner was Microgaming, who had just completed a brand new building which had been designed very much around their staff, with input from them all the way through to completion. 

Featuring a gymnasium, reading room, barista bar with their own blend of coffee and a roof garden, it’s the sort of place we would all love to work in.

Receving the award, head of human resources, Leila Ashton, said the things that had proved most popular with staff were the communal areas where everyone tended to congregate.

She said: ‘It really makes people want to come to work.’

One of the reasons why workplace wellbeing matters is because a great working environment helps companies to recruit the best people. 

Leila explained: ‘Now more than ever you’re really competing, not just locally but internationally, for talent so it’s important: people have a choice nowadays.’

But it doesn’t necessarily take a multimillion-pound investment in infrastructure to make a better working environment: it could be just a change in culture, as demonstrated by the two runners up in the category.

Expatriate Banking - Lloyds Banking Group developed a clear strategy to nurture the health and wellbeing of colleagues, setting up a Group Wellbeing hub that supports a balanced framework of mind and body wellbeing, personal finances and work-life balance.

Other simple measures that signal a focus on wellbeing included providing healthier snacks and a free water bottle and allowing time for staff to leave their desks and walk outdoors during their working day.

Ramsey Grammar School, well aware of the incidence of stress among the teaching profession, set out to find ways of alleviating this. 

Among the initiatives they have introduced are weekly yoga and Zumba lessons for staff, the provision of quiet rooms and making ‘emotional first aid’ available for both staff and students.

• Why not showcase your company’s achievements in supporting workplace wellbeing by entering this year’s Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence? 

The Award for Workplace Wellbeing is just one of 16 award categories at this year’s Awards for Excellence. 

Other awards offer opportunities for companies of all sizes, individuals, public sector teams and charitable and cultural organisations. 

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