Domicilium is sponsoring the award for New Business/Innovation at this year's Isle of Man Newspapers' Awards for Excellence.


‘We are delighted to be sponsoring an award that recognises innovation, Domicilium is famous for innovating and introducing new disruptive technology. We are an IP engineering company at our core and applaud all the nominees in this category for their various visions,' says Domicilium's Senior Account Manager, David Artus.

Domicilium is the oldest and most experienced Internet Service Provider (ISP) on the Isle of Man, and globally recognised in many sectors for being a leader in its field, namely Hosting, Networks and peripheral services. The company has an unparalleled track record of not only innovating in new sectors but also providing infrastructure and support to the largest and most established sectors in the world. Its 20,000 square foot next generation datacentre here on the Island is an award winning facility that is home to the majority of the Isle of Man’s egaming license holders.

Again innovation has been the key to its success in the online gaming sector. A good example of that is the fact that Domicilium helped design and managed one of the world's first online sports betting platforms and continues to aid innovation in the sector by promoting and supporting new technologies like Block Chain and serverless environments.

David says: ‘In the world of technology, that old adage of “the second mouse gets the cheese” doesn’t really apply; first mover advantage is exactly that, an advantage for our customers. For example, Domicilium introduced MPLS (Multi-Protocol Layer Switching), which is basically meshed private networking a full 2 years ahead of the competition. This made a big difference to some of the larger banks we support. The same can be said of Cloud and WiMAX technologies’ which have both played their part in the Isle of Man’s success as a leading business jurisdiction.

David went on to tell us: ‘Although an international company Domicilium are proud to be headquartered on the Isle of Man, and personally the best part of my job is flying off to somewhere like Asia and driving inward investment back to the Isle of Man. I can do this because the Island is a fantastic location for sectors like finance and egaming with all the necessary regulatory benefits and safeguards. From a purely technical perspective, the Isle of Man stands alone in its ability to service an offshore market with an onshore infrastructure, namely the capacity and quality of power and data provision. For example, no other Island of a comparable size or population can boast a self-sufficient power supply, we have the ability to generate up to 200% of the peak electricity demand, so it's the perfect place for rapid growth.

For Domicilium investment is ongoing: it never stops because it can't stop. But I would say the big difference between Domicilium and other technology companies is that we don't have a big churn of staff.

For a customer that's very important because it means we have the chance to develop a deep understanding of each client's history and a relationship that allows us to understand how we can help our customers in the future and the key to future success? Innovation of course’