Awards win is helping to boost our charity's funds

For one local charity, success at last year’s Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence has meant a funding boost.

’I didn’t think that addiction would ever be popular or sexy enough to win an award,’ said Thea Ozenturk, chief executive officer of Motiv8.

Formerly known as the IOM Alcohol Advisory Service, the charity offers help to anyone impacted by drug, alcohol and gambling problems. This includes help for the families and children of those affected.


Thousands of island residents have benefitted from its confidential and free services. Motiv8 puts all funds into service delivery and there is no waiting list for its services.

Awards for Excellence judges were so impressed they chose Motiv8 as winners of the Charity, Cultural and Social Award. It was the first time this charity, which is normally just ’quietly getting on with it’, as Thea puts it, has actually shouted about what they do. She said;

’We’ve never entered anything before and we were thrilled to be shortlisted, but to actually win- I was in shock.’

The charity’s workload continues to grow. Its group work programme has had nearly 1,400 attendances over the last 12 months and it did 4,500 one-to-one appointments.

’The need has grown massively and the funding has not so we rely on applying for grants from trusts and corporates,’ said Thea.

Now she is able to mention the Awards for Excellence win in her applications. She said: ’I’m mentioning it everywhere.

’Every application that I do, it’s proudly on our emails, and the trophy is displayed at reception.’

She recently applied for a grant from the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust (HBNHT), to appoint a psychologist to work part time for Motiv8.

Her application caught the eye of HBNHT trustee, Frank Pattison, who is also deputy chair of the Isle of Man Mental Health Commission.

He assessed the grant application on behalf of the other trustees as it is the trust’s first foray into the area of mental health. He said: ’HBNHT was set up to benefit Noble’s Hospital but it doesn’t necessary mean the equipment or the bricks and mortar.

’I persuaded them the other trustees that it is a benefit to Noble’s to keep people out of hospital.’

The trust agreed to give Motiv8 a grant of £30,000 with the possibility of further funding in the future once the results and benefits to the charity’s clients have been assessed. Thea said: ’Everybody that we see has mental health issues. Addiction is sometimes just a coping mechanism for these.’

She adds that everyone at Motiv8 was lifted by their Awards for Excellence win. She said: ’To get that accolade, it’s made a huge difference to the team here.

’It’s a huge morale booster and it made them feel acknowledged and appreciated. ’Our clients were pleased for us too. ’I would absolutely recommend other charities to go for an award.’

Entries for the Awards for Excellence close Friday 13th September 2019. Find pout how to enter on our website and click ENTER NOW to view the list of awards and download the entry forms.