Manx Telecom proud to support innovation

Manx Telecom is sponsoring the award for Entrepreneur of the Year at this year’s Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards For Excellence.

Ed Jennings, chief commercial officer at Manx Telecom, said: ’The Isle of Man has always been an island of pioneers. A strong entrepreneurial streak runs through the island’s history and that same entrepreneurial spirit is one of the key engines that continues to drive the island’s continued growth today.

’Manx Telecom is proud of the role it has played in driving and supporting innovation on the island and because of that, we feel a strong affinity for this category. Sponsoring this award is one of the ways we hope to recognise, celebrate and encourage the next generation of forward-thinking, business people.’
— Ed Jennings, Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom’s innovative spirit has resulted in a string of notable achievements in the past few decades.

In 2001 it became the first company in Europe to launch a live 3G mobile network, and in 2005 first in the world to offer a 3.5G service.

More recently, Manx Telecom launched the Isle of Man’s first 4G network, and were the first on the island to host a demonstration of 5G.

Ed Jennings, Manx Telecom

Ed Jennings, Manx Telecom

This innovative spirit is now being carried forward by the company’s growth platforms which support businesses and consumers worldwide with carefully targeted telecoms technology solutions.

A recent example of success in innovation excellence is MT clearSound, a world first in mobile phone technology. It illustrates how the island’s small scale, when combined with Manx Telecom’s communications infrastructure and wealth of expertise, provides an ideal ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators to test and launch new technology.

Until recently MT clearSound was exclusively available to Manx Telecom pay monthly mobile customers, but on August 14 this year it launched in the UK as an exciting new Mobile Virtual Network Operator proposition branded ’Audacious’. For more coverage of the innovation, see page 45.

Manx Telecom continues to seek new development and investment opportunities.

That work has already produced great results this year, this time in the exciting and high-growth potential Internet of Things (IoT) sector. Vannin Ventures (Manx Telecom’s business incubator) has invested in Trak365, the UK technology start-up focused on accelerating the development of a smart economy.

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