'The island is a great place to be'

Wi-Manx is sponsoring one of this year’s new categories at Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence: promoting the Isle of Man as a great place to visit, live and work.

It’s appropriate for this local company which has thrived and prospered in the island from the day it started in 2004, shaking up the local telecoms market with its first taste of competition.

Wi-Manx was initially set up by a local family to ’disrupt’ the broadband market which then had only one provider in the island.

They followed this up by being the first company to provide internet-based phone systems then, in 2011, they built and opened their own, fully serviced, datacentre in Douglas which enabled them to launch a suite of business-focused and corporate products, hosting and cloud products, managed services and a full suite of on-island and off-island connectivity.

Jason Spooner, Director of Commercial Services, Wi-Manx

Jason Spooner, Director of Commercial Services, Wi-Manx

Wi-Manx has since been bought by locally-based entrepreneur, Matt Newing. Matt is also the founder and chief executive of the Elite Telecommunications Group in the UK and this has brought further benefits to island customers, as Jason Spooner, director of commercial services at Wi-Manx, explains: ’We can leverage large group purchasing power which enables us to get the best prices.

’It also gives us additional technical expertise if we need it, which means we can provide a broader set of services.’

What Wi-Manx really prides itself on is its customer service and nowhere more so than when it comes to looking after its growing band of residential customers. There is always someone only too happy to explain or advise.

Jason said: ’Our residential products and services utilise Manx Telecom Wholesale’s infrastructure but you’ll only ever deal with us if there’s a problem with your services.

’We also go further than other providers: our relationship with our customers doesn’t end where the line terminates.

’We see internet as a service not a product: the way we look at it, you’re buying a service from us so if you can’t get Netflix running we’ll help you with that.’

Many offices in the island still have phone systems which operate over the ISDN network, now considered legacy technology.

From June 2020 Manx Telecom Wholesale will no longer be offering ISDN services so businesses will have to find other ways of connecting their phone systems.

One ISDN-replacement option which Wi-Manx offers is a ’SIP trunk’, which uses modern, internet connectivity rather than physical lines: businesses can simply buy a SIP trunk and plug it into their telephone system instead.

However this is also an opportunity for companies to consider a newer, more beneficial option.

Jason explained: ’We offer a fully featured and hosted telephone system which is wholly managed, available from any internet-connected location, and you can retain all of your existing local and international inbound phone numbers.

’You don’t have to do anything to it, it doesn’t go out of date, and you pay a monthly service charge.

’We set the system up, we maintain it and we make sure it’s always available.

’It’s managed 24/7 in our datacentre and you can plug the phone in anywhere, including your home broadband router - you can even have your work extension at home so it’s highly flexible.

’It’s also fully featured with voicemail, voice groups, call recording and call reporting and it meets all GDPR and PCI DSS requirements.

’It’s currently our fastest selling product and service.’

If you would like to find out more about hosted telephone systems or any of Wi-Manx’s other products and services, visit www.wimanx.com.

There are 16 award categories at this year’s Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence which offer opportunities for companies of all sizes, individuals, public sector teams and charity and cultural organisations.

Entries close on Friday 13th September and you can download entry forms from http://www.excellence-awards.im/enter-now